Working with external plugins

Quantum Package has very few executables out of the box. Most of the time, external plugins need to be downloaded and installed in the $QP_ROOT/plugins directory.

Plugins are usually hosted in external repositories. To download a plugin, the remote repository needs to be downloaded, and the plugins of the repository can be selected for installation.

To download an external repository of plugins, run the following command:

qp_plugins download http://somewhere/over/the/rainbow/ext_repo

This downloads a copy of the repository of external plugins ext_repo in $QP_ROOT/plugins.

The list of available uninstalled plugins can be seen using:

qp_plugins list -u

Now, the specific plugin ext_module contained in the repository ext_repo can be installed using:

qp_plugins install ext_module

The module is now accessible via a symbolic link in $QP_ROOT/src, and can be compiled as any module, running Ninja.

To remove the module, run

qp_plugins uninstall ext_module

See also

For a more detailed explanation and an example, see qp_plugins.